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Welcome to the "original" Owner/ Resident's Website
Harbor Point Condominiums ...........Chicago
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This resident website is intended to complement the management and board communications . Comments and opinions of individual residents will be presented. All the photos on this site may be copied by right clicking.   The site administrator is Richard Ward (resume) (312-938-0884). He also maintains the New Eastside neighborhood website.
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  Harbor Point Sundeck overlooking Lake Michigan
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This page was last updated on: November 22, 2009
           Resident photo from a "High 01" unit.
Please submit your favorite views to Richard Ward  via the the doorman's console. They will be scanned and returned.
Harbor Point with Millennium Park construction in foreground
Resident Photo from a "Low 06" unit.....Navy  Pier At Night
Resident photo from a "mid -12 unit"    Millennium construction October, 2000
Monroe Harbor Fireworks
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We have provided a convenient link to the new website prepared by our Draper & Kramer managers and a few board members.
Information  on Lakeshore East NEIGHBORHOOD DEVELOPMENT, Millennium Park, the Pedway, Area History, GPAC, and helpful links to local attractions, newspapers, and television stations.
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by Robert Johnson
by Robert Johnson
by Dr. Robert Jones
by Ed Lubin
by Robert  Jakubiec
CLICK MAP above for interactive driving directions to our "Main Entrance" at Michigan and Randolph. Then stay on the right side of Randolph and drive 1/2 mile east to the end of UPPER RANDOLPH at Harbor Drive. The black building directly ahead is Harbor Point Condominium.

CAUTION : as you turn east from Michigan Avenue, be careful not to go straight east down to MIDDLE RANDOLPH, or you will end up under Lake Shore Drive.

If you end up under Lake Shore Drive, just call on your cell phone and we will redirect you back to Middle Columbus, then right (north) to the light at Water, then a level left turn and shortly a  U-turn up to Upper Columbus, right (south) to Upper Randolph, and left (east) to the end and Hapbor Point. You will not have been the first to make this mistake!

T he interactive map above has been programed to bring you only to Michigan and Randolph, because the electronic maps lead you to our lower streets, due to our confusing 3-level road system.

by Richard Ward